Deliver successful projects by managing budgets in simple visual way.

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Simple, yet powerful

Start with a single budget for entire project. Break it down into tasks or phases. Categorize by role, employee and any other custom tag. Adjust budgets each month or with custom periods.


Budget by revenue, cost and hours

Specify how much your customer can spend, what internal costs you are willing to have to keep you margins, or simply how many hours you expect to log on this project.

View budget vs actuals vs planned

Visualize budgets alongside actuals based on recognized values and forecasts based on your resource plans, upcoming fees and anticipated costs.


Decide what happens when you go over budget

Charge overage hours with custom rates, stop recognizing revenue or simply get notified when budget is exceeded.

Add budgets to your project management software

Leverage integrations with over 20 project management tools to avoid double entry and manage your budgets in metric, while keeping project management tools you like. View all integrations


Turn budgeting performance into your company KPIs

Use budgeting metrics like total budgets, remaining budget, overage hours as your critical company KPIs. View metrics aggregated for all projects or broken down into departments, business lines and other custom tags.

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