Professional Services KPIs
Measured from Your Tools

Profitability, Rates, Cash Flow, Hours and Utilization
from your CRM, Project Management, Time Tracking and Finances Software
without any workflow changes

Data-Driven Operational Decisions

Increase Profits Icon
Increase Profits
by analyzing the revenue, expenses, and profits for projects and people
Achieve Transparency Icon
Achieve Transparency
without changing your daily workflow or software
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Plan Staffing
based on performance, utilization, and time tracking
Forecast Business Icon
Forecast Business
by controlling finances and performing what-if analysis

How It Works How It Works Image How It Works Image
1. Connect Services You Already Use
CRM, project & resource management, time tracking, bookkeeping and development tools. Import or specify manually cost rates and billable rates.
2. Measure Important Business KPIs
Profit, revenue, expenses, utilization, profit margin, and employee turnover are aggregated and calculated for the past, present, and future.
3. Decide and Act
Drive business using actionable metrics segmented by time, company, office, department, role, employee, project and client.


No need to onboard an organization for yet another tool – keep doing work the way you always have. pulls the data from existing services:
  • Clients, Projects, Sales from a CRM
  • Activities from Project Management, and Development tools
  • Resources planning from Resource Scheduling services
  • Hours from a Time Tracking services
  • Financial transactions and Invoices from Bookkeeping software
  • Meetings from Calendars

Tools change, analytics stays. Integrations Screenshot Hours KPI Dashboard Screenshot


Essential KPIs are easily accessible, updated, secure.
Your company's metrics are accessible anytime. The dashboard reflects your finances, hours, and utilization for a selected period with highlighted trends:

Get a clear understanding of what it is going on inside your company.


Get instant answers to critical questions.
  • How do sales, execution, and financials work together?
  • How have past decisions affected KPIs?
  • What is the current state of projects?
  • What problems are arising with a project and why is this happening?
  • What will happen if we make these changes in the team?
  • How many hours did we spend on this project for the support?

Make weighted decisions from actionable metrics. Employee Hours KPI Screenshot Employee Profile Screenshot


Improve transparency and operational efficiency.
Prevent employees burn out – understand who is working efficiently and who is not. In 2 clicks, you can see the following:
  • What your employees were working on last month
  • Which projects received more contribution
  • How the logged time matches assignments
  • Working capacity and workload throughout the year
Bench management is made easier thanks to outlined trends.

Act based on data, not your gut feeling.

Get more insights from your data

Activity Feed
Don't let growth crisis affect your attention. For each employee, aggregates the feed for actions from messenger, documents, tasks, code, and time tracking, so you can easily explore the activities of each employee for any date.
AI Time Tracking
In case someone does not track time accurately, estimates the time spent on a project by using the available information about actions:
  • code commits
  • task updates
  • conversations
  • deal moves
  • document edits
Is your data safe? Yes. Security Encryption in Transit SSL Icon
Encryption in Transit
HTTPS is used for applications and SSL database connections to protect the data transmitted to and from applications. Security Encryption in Rest AES-256 Icon
Encryption at Rest
Automatic encryption with AES-256 of all data written to the disk, including stored files and database. Security Authorization & Authentication Icon
Identity, Infrastructure
We use Auth0 enterprise-grade identity provider and Heroku's cloud platform with AWS technology. Security Data Access Icon
Data Access
Developers do not have access to production data. Support case investigation requires your approval for data access.
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