Forecast Integration with
for Professional Services Analytics

Automatically import the clients, employees, roles, projects, tasks, time offs and time entries of your consulting company from Forecast
About is a business intelligence software tailored for professional services. All crucial measurements of your business are taken from your current tools.

Control profitability, rates, cash flow, hours and utilization from your CRM, project management, time tracking and finances software without any workflow changes.
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About Forecast
Forecast is an AI powered resource & project management platform for companies that care about delivering projects on time, on scope, and on budget.

Project Estimation, Milestones & Project Status, Portfolio Management, Scrum, Waterfall, Project Management, Kanban, Resource Planning, Time Tracking, Analytics & Reporting, Agile, Resource Management, Gantt, Scheduling, AI and Machine-learning
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What does integration do? properly maps clients, projects, roles, and employees from Forecast to augment analytics data with forecasts about team allocation. Multiple times per day imports team schedule and time entries from Forecast.
Data Flow Diagram of Forecast integration in

How to connect Forecast and automatically syncs with Forecast multiple times per day after the initial connection. To connect to Forecast, perform the following procedure:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select INTEGRATIONS from the left menu
  3. Click NEW button
  4. Select Forecast from the list of integrations
  5. Authorize app in Forecast.
  6. Wait for couple hours (depends on the number of records) for the data to appear in
  7. Validate that clients, projects, roles and employees synchronized correctly with time entries and hours forecast.
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